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  AF2000 Industrial Air Purifier

Advanced Air Filtration for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

The AF2000 industrial air purifier has proved to be one of the most effective solutions against a wide range of airborne chemicals and odors, including exhaust gases, paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment, glues, adhesives, disinfectants and many more.

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  Quatro Air Laser Blue Gel


LaserBlue Gel is a non-porous gel sealant that guarantees ZERO FILTER BYPASS. This unique technology ensures that no odor or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can bypass the filter(s) and contaminate the environment. While, most gaskets invariably allow for some air to bypass the filtration system, our unique LaserBlue Gel technology is the best way to provide a contaminant-free environment.

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Quatro Air Laser Blue Gel Quatro Air Laser Blue Gel
Quatro Air Laser Blue Gel Quatro Air Laser Blue Gel
  Quatro Air SolderPure High Capacity

SOLDERPURE High Capacity Solder Fume Extractor

Advanced fume extractor, captures solder fumes and smoke at source, before they migrate throughout the room. Ideal for solder fumes, flux and waxing fumes, solvent vapors and Rhodium.
· Extremely quiet (52 dBA)
· Optional Foot-pedal simplifies operation (PN: H181-Universal, or PN: H251-deluxe soft-touch)
· Multi-Flex Arm included
· Cyanide removal also available

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Quatro Air SolderPure High Capacity Quatro Air F077
Quatro Air SolderPure High Capacity Quatro Air F075
  Quatro Air Digital Panel


Offers 10 step digital speed control with automatic flow control. As the filters become clogged, thecontroler increases the speed to maintain optimum filtration.
The DIGITAL Panel provides visual and auditive maintenance alerts for spent filters and motor brushes.
The Digital panel is equipped with an I/O interface for diagnostic and control.

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